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torsdag 23 december 2010

En vädjan från Eva Neklyaeva - här också

Nedanstående publicerades på enrarcyniker, väl värt att uppmärksamma och sprida vidare. Kom ihåg - Vitryssland ligger inte långt från vårt vackra Sveriges sydöstra hörn.

Vad är det som händer?

Följande text är skriven av Eva Neklyaeva nu i kväll. En vädjan om hjälp.

Belarus: What you can do

It is maddening, that all the official statements by international community, calls to release the political prisoners, calls to stop violence against belarusian people, letters by celebrities – it has not, so far, helped situation one bit. this is a fascist regime that does just not care. so how an average person can help? here are some ideas:
1. spead information. we live in the world where so much is happening that event the most horrible events very quickly lose news value. but what is happening in Belraus, is happening RIGHT NOW, it’s not something that happened on Sunday and then everything became ok again. Right now more innocent people are being thrown to  prison, right now lawyers cannot get access to their clients who are somewhere in KGB jail. Right now the authorities are staging cases against political leaders, activists, journalists and average people, like me and you, who just wanted to show that they exist. Please, don’t let it become ”yesterday news”.
- spread information using web 2.0 platforms: FB, Twitter, blogs, so on
- write letters of support, opinion letters and so on to your national and local newspapers and news channels
2. Demand from your governments actions against illegitimate regime in Belarus. It is not enough that they ”express their concern”. International community has to act now, before innocent people will be thrown to prison for years.
- write letters to your goverments, and to your country’s representatives in EU parliament.
3. Help hundreds of repressed people in Belarus. Right now, there are about 700 people who have been sentenced in Belarus for not liking Lukashenka. Most of them are in jail, some got monetary fines, some are still detained and waiting for official charges. They need warm clothes, medicines, food, they need to pay lawyers. You can send them money by paypal (all bank-to-bank transfers from abroad are closely monitored in belarus). You can donate money with a credit card to a paypal account. Here are instructions how to send money (write ”donation” as the type of transfer):
will be updated

/ Commander

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