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onsdag 8 december 2010

Seriös beredskap

Följande går att läsa på Information Dissemination:

"Keep in mind this was planned months ago. This is the difference between the US and everyone else - our routine activities seems to be right place, right time lately. The article is titled US Army upgrades pre-positioned stocks in South Korea, you can't make this up.
GWANGYANG, South Korea -- Demonstrating the ability to rapidly equip forces for any crisis or conflict, the U.S. Army is off-loading and upgrading pre-positioned stocks from USNS Watson (T-AKR 310) at this commercial seaport on South Korea's scenic southern coast.

Together with several military units and commercial organizations, the 403rd Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) is conducting the operation at the port until mid-December when all of the equipment will be loaded back on the ship and taken back to sea.

"It's a training event where we're going to rehearse our download procedures and it also gives us the opportunity to perform maintenance on the equipment that is stored on the ship," said Lt. Col. Doug Pietrowski, commander of Army Field Support Battalion-Northeast Asia. "This training opportunity will give us assurance that the equipment stored on the vessel is ready to perform its mission."
So the US Army is, today, training by off-loading Army equipment off a fully loaded T-AKR in South Korea. Are the folks at PACOM good at this or what?"

Det är vad jag kallar beredskapsövning i rättan tid.

/ Commander

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det finns fler länder som är bra på "beredskapsövningar". Får jag påminna om Ryssarnas övningsserie strax innan Georgienkriget 2008.

  2. @ CI: ja, det verkar som om det är en uppladdning på gång, även om de talar om "scheduled deployments". Lite för mycket lyckliga tillfälligheter, eller?

  3. Vi ser med andakt fram mot en övning av "Operation Gute". Nej visst fan, allt är nedlagt.